Astur Folklore Week

Astur Folklore Week aims to bring our neighbors in Pola de Siero, and the rest of our community the various aspects of Asturian culture from broader perspective. It held exhibitions, lectures, musical recitals and folk festival that gives closure to this whole week of events.

All of it revolves around the same theme, that every year is different and always relates to something concrete in our popular culture: “The Llinu and flat”, “L’acebache”, “The Pottery Poja Vega”, “the Fountains, Fountains and Sinks “,” the Sanmartín “,” the Forest “,” Mining “,” the Mercau of La Pola “,” the Cider “,” La Luna “, etc..

The week is always the same development:

  • On Monday, has officially presented to the attending cultural personalities very relevant policies and local and provincial, which leads to the opening of the exhibition diferentas: “Ethnographic” “Painting and Sculpture” and “Philatelic” classical and our Festivals.
  • On Tuesday, coinciding with the day of the balls Pintos – National Folk Festival interest – takes out a demonstration – Exhibition on the street related to the topic of the week – it always attracts a large audience.
  • On Wednesday, it represents a sample of Asturian Popular Song.
  • On Thursday, they represent a play of manners Spaniard.
  • Friday auctioned various works of art donated by important artists of Asturias. Are these works, exhibited in the exhibition hall of the House of Culture of La Pola de Siero all week.
  • The Saturday, takes place Dance Festival, which is always close to the week and which involved: The group invited Asturias groups and people from their villages, to show us how to perform their particular and feel their dances.