Astur Folklore Week

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Dance Group

Our Schools

The Bagpipe School

This is another activity that presents the Ventolin satisfaction. Was created in response to the need for the group pipers, scarce then, and is one of the first to be established in Asturias. Some of our early teachers were Luis de Vicente Prado Arnizo and “The Pravianu” Eugenio Otero later and now Ivan Gonzalez.

Drum School

As with the bagpipes also still running a school of drum that has resulted in numerous tamboriteros that have worked for our group and many others. Initially Manuel Angel Cordero was the teacher of our school, it is currently Arsenio Ruiz

Dance School

This is a school where the children of our village dances combined with children’s games from our tradition, thus taking a first contact with the customs, music and dances. Currently the teacher is Laura Ruiz

Tambourine School

Is this a school that teaches the touch of instruments such as the tambourine, tambourines, the, etc … in accompaniment of songs and dances. The teacher of this class is Laura Ruiz.

Accordion School

This class has been running for four years, currently the classes are taught by Nel Sanchez